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Source: Forbes

Jun 29, 2023

Biden’s Iran Policy Meets The Definition Of Insanity And Could Lead To A Major War

BY Steve Forbes

Incredibly, the Biden Administration is reengaging in talks with Iran in the vain hope of forestalling the murderous mullahs’ determination to make their country a nuclear power. Looking at North Korea, they long ago concluded that getting the bomb was crucial for their regime’s survival and its goal of dominating the oil-rich Middle East.

This episode of What’s Ahead forcefully argues that the White House’s course regarding Iran is deadly folly. From the time Biden and his team took office they have been trying to resurrect some version of the seriously flawed 2015 nuclear agreement that was scuttled by President Trump in 2018. Despite offering concession after concession, the butchers of Tehran refused to say yes, and negotiations ended a year ago.

Now here we go again: Iran is at the brink of being able to make the bomb, and Israel has warned of a possible military strike if Iran goes much further. Instead of indulging Iran, Biden should warn the mullahs that the U.S. would fully support an Israeli action. Deterrence—not appeasement—is desperately needed now.

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Steve Forbes

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