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Source: AFP

Jun 23, 2023

Denmark Charges Man With Failed Attack On Iran Envoy

By AFP - Agence France Presse

Danish prosecutors have filed charges against an Iranian man who allegedly tried to attack Iran's ambassador with a knife at the embassy in Copenhagen.

Prosecutors announced on Friday charges over an attack at an unspecified "foreign" embassy, but a source close to the case confirmed it was at Iran's compound.

The man ran towards Ambassador Afsaneh Nadipour holding a knife "with the intention of stabbing her", Danish police said after the October 7, 2022 incident.

The alleged attacker, 33, was apprehended by an embassy employee on its grounds.Tehran accused the man of having targeted Nadipour and criticised the Danish police for being too slow to react.

According to prosecutors, the man was immediately placed in detention, for most of the time in a psychiatric ward.

A trial date has not yet been made public.

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