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Source: Al-Jazeera

Oct 9, 2023

Al Jazeera English published this video item, entitled “Iran has rejected allegations it had a role in the assault on Israel by Hamas.” – below is their description.
Iran says claims that it played a role in Hamas’s assault on Israel were unfounded.“The accusations linked to an Iranian role… are based on political reasons,” foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanani told reporters.Palestinians had “the necessary capacity and will to defend their nation and recover their rights” without any help from Tehran, Kanani added.His comments came after The Wall Street Journal reported that Iran helped Hamas plan its surprise attacks.The two countries have been at odds for decades. It is not the first time that they have exchanged accusations of playing a role in attacks and sabotage operations in each other’s territory.
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari joins us live from Tehran to discuss the latest updates.

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