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Source: WSJ

Aug 20, 2023

Iran Shoves the Biden Administration Into a Locker
Someone never learned how to deal with bullies.

The Biden administration must never have learned lessons from the playground, nor for that matter from the Obama administration (“The Biden-Iran Hostage Deal,” Review & Outlook, Aug. 14).

When the bully demands your lunch money, and you hand it over, the bully doesn’t become your friend or start acting friendly and responsibly. He next tells you to do his homework.

This bullying technique is being played out brilliantly by the Iranians in securing $1.2 billion per hostage and fooling President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken into believing the money will be used for “humanitarian ends.”

Our representatives will give anything to return to the bargaining table and give away even more to the state-sponsored terrorist entity known as Iran. Perhaps the House committees investigating the Bidens need to turn their attention from Ukraine to the Persian Gulf.

Larry Schneider

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