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Source: AFP

Jun 5, 2023

Iranian Embassy To Reopen In Saudi Arabia On Tuesday

By AFP - Agence France Presse

Iran is set to reopen its embassy in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday following a seven year closure, a diplomatic source told AFP, sealing a Chinese-brokered rapprochement deal announced in March.

Saudi Arabia severed relations with Iran in 2016, after its embassy in Tehran and consulate in the northwestern city of Mashhad were attacked during protests over Riyadh's execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Iran's diplomatic mission, which was expelled by Saudi authorities, will return under the leadership of Alireza Enayati, who previously served as Iran's ambassador to Kuwait.

"The opening of the Iranian embassy will take place Tuesday at 6:00 pm local time (1500 GMT) with the presence of the newly appointed Iranian ambassador" to Saudi Arabia, a diplomatic source in Riyadh told AFP on Monday.

Saudi Arabia has yet to confirm when it will reopen its embassy in Tehran or its pick for ambassador.

Iranian media had named Enayati as the Islamic republic's Saudi envoy last month.He had previously served as assistant to the foreign minister and director general of Gulf affairs at the foreign ministry, according to Iranian media reports.

After years of discord, the two Middle East heavyweights signed a surprise reconciliation agreement in China on March 10.

Since then, Saudi Arabia has restored ties with Tehran ally Syria and ramped up a push for peace in Yemen, where it has for years led a military coalition against the Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

Iran and Saudi Arabia had backed opposing sides in conflict zones across the Middle East for years before mending fences.

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