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Aug 5, 2023

Iranian Navy Reveals New Ships Equipped With 600-km Range Missiles Amidst Tensions With US

By MI News Network

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ navy made headlines by revealing a series of new vessels armed with powerful 600-kilometer range missiles. The announcement was made during a military exercise near Abu Musa island, a disputed territory between Iran and the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf region.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ Navy, Alireza Tangsiri, stressed the importance of defending the islands in the Persian Gulf, stating that they hold great significance for Iran’s honor.

He called for cooperation among regional countries to uphold Gulf security and cautioned against involvement in schemes orchestrated by non-regional entities.

Tensions have escalated between Iran and the United States in the Gulf region. In response to Iran’s actions of seizing commercial shipping vessels, the U.S. recently deployed additional fighter jets and a warship to enhance surveillance in the area.

The unveiling of the advanced vessels armed with long-range missiles adds complexity to the already sensitive situation in the Gulf. The international community is closely monitoring developments in this geopolitically crucial region.

The revelation of these new vessels showcases Iran’s military capabilities and sends a signal amid ongoing tensions with the U.S. However, specific details about the missiles were not disclosed in the report.

As the situation remains tense, it is essential for all parties involved to exercise caution and engage in dialogue to avoid further escalation.

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