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Source: Iranintl

Jun 6, 2023

Israel Claims Interim Deal With Iran Does Not Roll Back Nuclear Enrichment

Author: Iran International Newsroom

Israel's UN ambassador says Iran's nuclear weapons program is in the process of being negotiated under an interim deal that does not roll back uranium enrichment.

On Tuesday, Gilad Erdan told The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York that “the real bad news is that apparently there is an interim agreement that is being discussed these days with Iran.”

It “would put the Iranian nuclear program on hold but won’t roll back the enriched uranium or the nuclear facilities of Iran and in exchange, they will get economic benefits,” he stressed.

He made the comments a few days after National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer met with the US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan at the White House to discuss Iran's pursuit of atomic bombs at a time when Tehran has enriched uranium close to weapons-grade levels.

There is concern in Israel that Washington will attempt to revive the defunct 2015 nuclear pact between the six world powers and Iran.

Moscow's military ties to Tehran, as well as its use of Iranian-made drones against Ukraine, have led the Biden administration not to discard that possibility.

“The international community has failed, totally failed to block Iran from advancing itself to becoming a nuclear threshold state,” Erdan noted.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi

IAEA Director General on Monday presented the latest report on Iranian verification and monitoring.

“Iranian enriched uranium stockpiles have risen by more than a quarter in three months, according to Rafael Grossi.

He reminded the Board that in March this year, Iran and the IAEA agreed to take additional appropriate measures for monitoring and verification.

“Some progress has been made but not at the level, pace and sustained rhythm that I would expect,” Grossi said.

“The inventory of enriched uranium is growing at a very fast pace, and the activities are also growing. So, the presence of the IAEA should be commensurate with that,” added Grossi.

The Israeli UN ambassador reiterated this Tuesday, saying “what we have been seeing in the last year proves that everything that Israel has been saying has been proven correct,” Iran only becoming more bold.

“I do not see any sanctions that are being discussed and might be imposed against the nuclear program of Iran,” he said, claiming there is no deterrent against the regime’s capability building.

“We always believed that the only formula to deter Iran’ which is a rogue and ruthless regime, is through a credible military threat,” he reiterated.

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