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Source: Iranintl

Apr 17, 2023

Prominent Cleric, Other Insiders Criticize Regime Amid Iran Crises

Author: Iran International Newsroom

In an unprecedented move Hossein Ansarian an influential Iranian cleric harshly criticized the physical and psychological torture of political prisoners.

Speaking at a Ramadan-related religious ceremony last week, Ansarian whose remarks were being broadcast live on the Iranian state television told security officials:

"If you have someone under arrest, do not lie to him about his imminent execution. Do not scare those who worship God."

Months of anti-regime protests and the insistence of hardliners to force hijab upon women, has led to a public debate in Iran, with some regime insiders condemning repressive policies.

The comment brought many reactions on social media, with some saying Ansarian is going his own separate way, while others pointed out that "he is now standing with the people." .

Some of Iran's high-ranking clerics such as Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli also defended Ansarian.Others posted comments by former Presidential Adviser Mohammad Ali Abtahi who recalled that when he was jailed in 2009, he was told by his interrogators that he was going to be executed the next morning. 

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