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April 19, 2024
No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers
Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
Yanis Varoufakis Banned from Germany as Berlin Police Raid & Shut Down Palestinian Conference
“I’m Jewish, and I’ve Covered Wars. I Know War Crimes When I See Them”: Reporter Peter Maass
on Gaza

Apr 21, 2024 - Satellite imagery released over the past 24 hours has revealed evidence of probable damage at an Iranian air base following an Israeli strike in the early hours of Friday morning.

BBC Verify has analysed two images showing part of an air-defence system at an airfield in Isfahan was damaged.

US officials say Israel carried out a missile strike although there has been no official Israeli confirmation. Tensions between the bitter rivals intensified in recent weeks.

An earlier, suspected Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria at the beginning of the month was followed by a retaliatory attack by Iran on Israel on 13 April.

Case Against Henry Kissinger: War Crimes Prosecutor Reed Brody on Kissinger's Legacy of "Slaughter"

Apr 20, 2024 - Since the Hamas-led attack on Israel last October, the deadliest in Israeli history, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future has seemed bleak, with critics blaming him for the security failure and his poll ratings plummeting.


But a confrontation between Israel and Iran this week — including on Friday when Israel retaliated against last weekend’s missile barrage by Iran — may have helped change the dynamic, at least for the time being. Now, Mr. Netanyahu is in his strongest domestic position since the October attack, even as his global standing ebbs amid anger at the conduct of Israel’s war in Gaza.

Leak reveals Iran influence agents reached U.S. Government

U.S. government officials are calling for an investigation into an Iranian backed influence operation that resulted in hundreds of leaked Iranian foreign minister emails dating back decades. Head of digital, Iran International Bozorgmehr Sharadfedin joins to break down the latest. 


Apr 19, 2024 - The Israeli military struck Iran early on Friday, according to two Israeli and three Iranian officials, in what appeared to be Israel’s first military response to Iran’s attack last weekend but one whose scope, at least initially, appeared to be limited.


The Iranian officials said that a strike had hit a military air base near the city of Isfahan, in central Iran. Initial reaction in both Israel and Iran was muted, with news media in both countries appearing to play down the attack, in what analysts said was a sign that the rivals were seeking to de-escalate tensions. For nearly a week, world leaders have urged Israel and Iran to avoid sparking a broader war in the region.


Apr 18, 2024 - The Middle East has been waiting with bated breath for Israel’s response to Iran’s attack last weekend as the spectre of regional conflict seems closer than ever.


That spectre has waxed and waned since the war on Gaza began in October with the fear that it would spiral into a regional war, dragging in Iran and its allies as well as Western countries such as the United States.

In the six months that have followed, there has been violence in the wider Middle East with tit-for-tat attacks between Israel and Iran-backed forces, primarily the Lebanese group Hezbollah.


Apr 17, 2024 - Users across social networks are participating in a spontaneous campaign, using the hashtag "war against women," to document their experiences and observations regarding the government's crackdown on opponents of the mandatory hijab.


Reports have surfaced detailing the application of repressive tactics, particularly focusing on female students in various universities.

Moreover, pressure on civil activists, political dissenters, women political prisoners, and cultural figures is mounting.


On March 3, 2024, Faramarz Aslani announced on his Instagram page that he had been diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo treatment in the new year. He died of cancer at a hospital in Maryland, U.S, on March 20, 2024, at the age of 69.


Faramarz Aslani was born in Tehran, Iran. He was a graduate of London University's College of Journalism and wrote for several Persian and English publications since his graduation in the early 1970s. Upon returning to his native country, he worked for one of two English dailies, Tehran Journal until he was spotted by the President of CBS, in Tehran.


There just aren’t that many Iranian women in the art world,” says Shirin Neshat, the 66-year-old artist whose work in photography and film over the past 30 years has attracted acclaim and controversy in equal measure.

Talking with her friends, art adviser Nazy Nazhand and artist Sheree Hovsepian, she adds: “I think that the connection between the three of us is that we feel kind of rare in this community. We each play a role.”

All three women were born in Iran, but moved to the US in the 1970s and ’80s. In 1979, following the Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini established the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Every Iranian woman is a threat,” says Shirin Neshat, “just by being a woman.” The artist is wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Woman, Life, Freedom”
– the slogan of the protest movement that erupted a year ago in Iran, following the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who allegedly flouted her country’s strict dress code.

Since 1981, veiling in public has been mandatory for every Iranian female over the age of nine, a law enforced by the “morality” police. Neshat, speaking via Zoom, turns the lens to show me the large, airy warehouse she works in. The artist, now 66, has lived in Brooklyn since the 1990s – longer than she lived in Iran.

“It’s Always About Oil”: CIA & MI6 Staged Coup in Iran 70 Years Ago, Destroying Democracy in Iran


Historically, poetry was Iran’s most prominent cultural export. Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, however, movies have carried the country’s artistic banner through the threat of censorship and the regime’s crackdown on filmmakers.


Iranian movies are unlike anything Hollywood produces: Many break the fourth wall in their attempts to shed light on the injustices of modern Iranian society because, in a country where you can expect to be arrested multiple times during your film’s production, movies are not simply artistic expression but rather an agent in a filmmaker’s life. Yet despite this (or rather because of it), many Iranian movies are difficult to view in the West.


فروغ فرخزاد به عقیده‌ خیلی‌ها به عنوان زنی تنها در آستانه‌ی فصلی سرد، سال‌ها از زمان خودش جلوتر بود.کسی که ایمان آورده بود به آغاز فصلی سرد ولی باز هم عقیده داشت بالاخره به آفتاب سلامی دوباره خواهیم کرد. فروغ را باید در شعرهایش دید وقتی برای نخستین بار یادمان آورد که “پرواز را به خاطر بسپار، پرنده مردنیست” و چه کسی است که نداند نجات دهنده در گور خفته است؟! فروغ فرخزاد زن‌ترین زن شاعر تمام‌ دوران‌هاست! او همواره به دنبال شکستن تابوها، زیر ذره‌بین انتقاد و قضاوت بی‌رحمانه‌ی مردمان نامهربان روزگار خویش بود. فروغ را بخوانید تا روح زنانه‌ی زندگی را لمس‌ کنید تا بفهمید چه ظلم‌ها که در این منطقه‌ی جغرافیایی بر تن زنانگی نرفته است. فروغ شاید بارزترین نماد انقلاب زنانه‌ای باشد که سال‌هاست در قلب تمام زنان خاورمیانه‌ی غمگین شروع شده است. باشد که این خانه دیگر سیاه نباشد و باشد که آنکس که ما را می‌بوسد دیگر در ذهن خود طناب دار ما را نبافد چرا که گیسوان ما بوی عدالت، آزادی و آزادگی می‌دهند. انقلاب زن، زندگی، آزادی و ۸ دیماه زادروز تولد فروغ فرخزاد مبارک!❤️🕊️🌹

انقلاب زن، زندگی، آزادی و ۸ دیماه زادروز تولد فروغ فرخزاد مبارک!❤️🕊️🌹


May 9, 2023 - Sanaz Toossi had just cleared security at the San Francisco airport when her cellphone rang at midday Monday. It was her agent, telling the 31-year-old playwright she had won the Pulitzer Prize in drama for “English,” her first produced play.

Toossi, who had written the play as a graduate school thesis project at New York University, was in disbelief. “I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ And when she said, ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘Could you please just double-check?’”

The prize was real, and as Toossi boarded the plane home to Los Angeles, her phone began buzzing with congratulatory messages not only from around the United States, but also from Iran, where her parents were born and where the play is set.

Mahsa Amini
Golden State Ballet principal dancer Tara Ghassemieh is used to taking command of the stage. From the Sugar Plum Fairy to the Black Swan, she’s tackled her share of lead and featured roles. But recently, she stepped into a new role: pacifist-activist.
Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar visits her homeland every year to mark the day that her parents were murdered in 1998.

She opens her family home in Tehran to dissidents and catches up on the latest developments.

Now back in her studio in Germany, she reveals her latest works and tells RFE/RL how her most recent trip to Iran revealed a society going through profound change that the regime was increasingly unable to control.

April 8, 2023 - It was incredibly risky to film or photograph the anti-government protests that swept Iran after the September death of Mahsa Amini. In the privacy of their homes and studios, however, some Iranian artists began to take inspiration from the scenes on the streets. Their work reflects the hope, turmoil and tragedy of the popular uprising and the violent crackdown that followed.

After months of rising repression, the demonstrations have died down in recent weeks. But the protest movement, and its slogan of “Women, life, freedom,” has changed the country after more than four decades of authoritarian clerical rule, prompting young Iranians to dream of a different future for their country — and to render it on canvas.

Mahsa Amini

Nazy Nazhand was born in Tehran in the 1980s in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. But she remembers the curfews, alarms, bombs and missiles of the Iran-Iraq war. She remembers feeling skeptical that taking cover in parts of the home she shared with her parents and her siblings would keep her safe. In 1985 her family arrived in Athens as refugees. In 1987 they immigrated to Alexandria, Virginia.


“It seems like somebody else’s past, to be honest,” she said, speaking in a Zoom interview from New York City, where she has lived for almost two decades. “But all the trauma comes back.”


The exiled Iranian is one of the world's most important artists, whose works also cover women's rights in Iran. She speaks about her new film "Land of Dreams" and the situation in Iran.


Shirin Neshat is an award-winning Iranian visual artist, whose works as a photographer and filmmaker have focused on women, identity, politics and Iran.


She's been living in exile in the United States since 1979. Her latest film, "Land of Dreams," will be released in German theaters on November 3. It is a fictional story about an Iranian woman balancing her Iranian past and the American culture she was raised in.


"Woman, Life, Freedom"
in Iran – and What It Means for the Rest of the World | Golshifteh Farahani


In May 2023, Dr. Naderi experienced a life-altering event that resulted in paralysis from the neck down. He sustained a fall in conjunction with a cardiac episode. As a consequence, he suffered an extensive neck injury that involved damage to the spinal cord. The ensuing paralysis required surgical intervention, and some level of recovery was anticipated within a four to five month period. However, his twitter and Instagram accounts announced his unfortunate passing due to this incident on June 9, 2023.

WATCH: Women and girls are still protesting in Iran. Here’s why

PBS News

Gravitas Plus: China, Iran & Russia to create a new World Order?  - WION

How a women's-led counter-revolution is reshaping Iran • FRANCE 24 English

گزارشی درباره نایاک؛ صدای ایران یا لابی جمهوری اسلامی در آمریکا؟

،با درود

بدینوسلیه اعلام میکنیم وب سایت ایران تایمز یک رسانۀ اینترنتی مستقل با هدف پخش و بازپخش صدای آزادی خواهانۀ مردم ایران می باشد و به هیچ حزب و سازمان  سیاسی وابسته نمی باشد

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